The National Front

August 16th, 2004 at 4:21 pm by David Farrar

I noted on the TVNZ news last night that one of the thugs from the National Front was waving a Free Palestine sign. This is pretty much proof positive that some (obviously) not all of the anti Israeli rhetoric is in fact anti-semitism and racism. How sad that some at a anti racism meeting chose to side with the National Front’s view of Israel.

Obviously not all criticism of Israel is racist. Hell I’ve disagreed with quite a lot of what Sharon has done. But the tendency to demonise Israel as an invalid state does contribute to anti-semitism. And there is a huge lack of understanding about the reality of life for Israel with suicide bombings and the like.

I support a Palestinian state, and I support trading land for peace. In fact so does most of Israel. The rather frustrating thing at the monent is there is no-one to trade with. Arafat is too corrupt.

KiwiJewPundit also noticed the National Front “Free Palestine” banners.

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6 Responses to “The National Front”

  1. Tomas () says:

    I suppose David Irving and his apologists would explain the anti-Semite National Front protestor as a Zionist plot, claiming it was a Mossad agent doing it for the cameras.

    I probably shouldn’t even joke about it. I might give them ideas.

    Like you, I don’t have a problem with a Palestinian state. Of course, there already is one and has been for over sixty years: Jordan. Everyone forgets that half of the old Palestine Mandate was already separated off from the rest to create a Palestinian state.

    How many states do they need? Even the most extreme Zionist just wants the one.

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  2. () says:

    Know Your Allies

    So I wasn’t imagining things when I saw fascist National Front protestors on TV with a “Free Palestine” sign. Maybe…

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  3. Lewis () says:

    I wouldn’t read to much into it DPF, most of the NF don’t seem to have IQs above room temperature (…and they’re mainly from Chirstchurch) and so wouldn’t have put too much thought into it. They’re not what you’d call thinkers: just read their forum comments.

    I agree it is obviously anti-Isreal rhetoric that that appeals to the NF, and so they employ it.

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  4. Hrothgar () says:

    The main reason for the sympathies expressed for palestinians by National Front members, is that they have experienced jewish power in its raw form. Israel has continuiously instigated genocide against the Palestinians, as well as formulating policy in the west which will result in the genocide of whites. Basically we see eye to eye. We do not have some secret love for arabs thats for sure. However, we do have one thing in common with Israel, and that is our demand for a race based state for our people exclusively. So no jew who is not a hypocrite has the right to critise our demands.

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  5. New Zealand National Front () says:

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  6. Nick () says:

    I find it sicking that of late, the National Front has been considered by the media as some psuedo-authority on the state of the police force and criminal enforcement in New Zealand. As recently as October 2004, headlines on my homepage and on tv3 quote that National Front’s opinions on race relations. Kylie Chapman and his mindless followers should be kept out of the media spotlight as much as possible. They are an embarrasement not only to themselves but to us as a nation.

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