Leaky Homes

February 11th, 2005 at 11:49 pm by David Farrar

It is good to see that owners of some leaky homes have had the High Court upheld their right to sue the Government’s former building agency – the Building Industry Authority (BIA).

When I worked in Parliament, I was quite involved with the Leaky Homes issue, and everything I saw pointed to the BIA having a large degree of blame. They seemed more concerned with how to manage the PR around the leaky homes issue, than actually making sure we had standards which would produce hoems which do not leak.

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2 Responses to “Leaky Homes”

  1. Paul () says:

    A small and might I add, very premature victory, the BIA failed to have some claims against in struck out, but the plaintiffs will never succeed against the BIA because of the reliance principle (none of them even knew what the BIA was at the time). So, they are left suing a liquidated builder, wound up developer, wound up certifier, and hopeless claims against a cast of thousands. 28 defendants/third parties, this will simply be a lawyer’s feast and the punters will walk away with nothing. My message to the plaintiffs is to sell your little ghettos to any one who will take them and walk away.

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  2. Paul () says:

    If anyone has a decent claim against the BIA its the private certifier company, at least they could (tacitly) point to the BIA’s audit/certification proceedures. But nonetheless, the Gov’t should have put the $50m it paid for the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service into actually fixing these dumps instead of setting up a “blame game” where it all goes on administration and laywers. Maybe that way a house or two might have actually been fixed in the last ywo and a half years.

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