Flight to Perth

February 25th, 2006 at 10:42 am by David Farrar

The flight to Perth was on a 767 so I’ve yet to try out one of the new 777s which do look nice. Three of us were travelling to attend Apricot. Apricot, as I had to explain to Australian Customs, is not a conference about fruit but the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies.

A few hours before we travelled Air NZ staff had just been told a 470 admin staff are going to be made redundant. One of the staff showed us the e-mail from the CEO which was pretty brutal.

Three of us were travelling together to attend it. As the flight was eight hours we tried to use airpoints to upgrade to business class. Unfortunately they upgraded some but not all of us which was unusual as the person not upgraded had been gifted air points from my account. I tried to convince Air NZ staff they were my “companion” and to upgrade her also but alas that didn’t work.

On the flight I watched North Country and Zorro 2. North Country was a gripping film and I didn’t even do my usual trick of reading a book while also watching a movie as I was so engrossed in the movie. Quite a tearjerker finish with the court-room scene. Niki Caro is an amazing director. Oh yeah that Charlize Theron isn’t bad either.

When we landed we pulled up to our gate but they then had an engineering problem with the walkway which wouldn’t extend all the way out to the plane. My helpful suggestion of why don’t we just move the plane eight feet to the left amused the cabin crew who suggested they would be happy for me to try jumping the distance to see if it can be done safely. Eventually we got towed to another gate.

Had a quiet dinner in town last night at 8 pm. This was equal to 1 am back home so all fairly tired. Today have a bit of spare time. On Sunday the AGM of the Asia-Pacific Coalition against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail is on. The good good news is it sounds like China has just passed anti-spam laws – something sought for many years.

Also by coincidence at a Perth courthouse this week is the first prosecution under Australia’s anti-spam laws. May try and pop in to observe it, as the defendant is pleading not guilty and it will come down to the definition of spam in the law.

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9 Responses to “Flight to Perth”

  1. aj () says:

    I’m at APRICOT as well, having done the same flight on Tuesday. The customs staff seemed to know what APRICOT was when I came through, although a colleague almost got the rubber glove treatment at quarantine…

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  2. Robin Capper () says:

    The 777’s are nice. Have done 2 cattle class San Francisco to Auckland flights & preferred them to the 747-400’s (which also had the refit interior).

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  3. David Farrar () says:

    Not there tonight but definitely tomorrow!

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  4. wahoo () says:

    Daid – you HAVE to get on an Air NZ 777 – amazing and oh sooo sleek abd the inflight entertainment is pretty damn cool – you’ll never go on another 767! . Are the crew in their new uniforms yet?

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  5. libertyscott () says:

    777s aren’t meant to go on the Perth route, half the 767s are being kept for these “medium haul” routes like Perth, Honolulu and Tahiti until the 787s arrive in a few years. 777s are for San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong and new routes like Shanghai and Vancouver, and when Chch-LA restarts later this year – so aim for those routes David. They are on San Fran and Singapore for now, Tokyo in a month or so, and Osaka and Hong Kong in July.

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  6. Logix () says:

    I see it is not only their planes that AirNZ are planning to upgrade….looks like the cabin staff are in for the “Singapore Girl” treatement as they announced yesterday that they are in the last throes of organsing a trial of Chinese staff for their Shanghai route?

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  7. maurice () says:

    It must be so hard to find people living in NZ who can speak Mandarin ?.
    I can understand using london based staff since the flight goes via LA, so they Brits only would be doing LA London( and return) sectors. The proposed Shanghai service will be from Auckland non stop, so what is the advantage, other than only paying them 20% of Kiwi staff

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