Jordan taking the moral high ground

Oh dear Jordan is upset and trying to take the moral high ground – always a shaky place to be. Let’s look at what he said yesterday.

First of all he calls on Tony Blair to resign as UK Prime Minister and Leader due to UK getting around funding laws by having secret loans made to the party.

Then without any realisation at the irony he attacks me for my outrage over NZ Labour getting off the hook for their flouting of the NZ election funding laws. In fact Jordan declares that everyone upset with Labour getting off the hook are myopic, irrelevant, petty, and hysterical. Plus for good measure we’re all men so obviously sexist or something.

The irony this is Jordan who rails against *National* wanting no funding limits and wanting to buy elections and he doesn’t even see the hypocrisy involved with his automatic defence of Labour on every issue. Hell how many times have I said National should have been charged over the GST yet Jordan still clings to the NZ Labour is never wrong line. And just imagine how outraged Jordan would be if it was National which had over-spent by $400,000.

Then finally Jordan gets outraged at Don Brash for criticising the Police over never ever charging a Government MP, but prosecuting National MPs for far less.

Okay so answer me this. Which party leader has done the following:

* Attacked and threatened the Police over their investigation of her for forgery
* Leaked false information to the media to force out the Police Commissioner
* Basically called The Police racist over the Steven Wallace shooting

But here Jordan is the heroic defender of the Police against all criticism. Well all criticism except from Helen.