Democratic Presidential Debate

The second Democratic Presidential Nomination debate was held yesterday. Reason Magazine live blogged the event pretty amusingly. Some examples:

7:29: “Gov. Richardson, you’re kind of a Mexican. Should we kick out all the Mexicans?” (I’m paraphrasing.)

7:43: If we repeal the Bush tax cuts, can I have a lifetime supply of root beer and a perpetual motion machine? Because apparently repealing them would pay for everything.

8:28: Blitzer tries out the CNN version of the 24 question on… Dennis Kucinich. It’s actually not news that he wouldn’t kill bin Laden if given the chance, but it’s nice for the rest of the Democrats, who will disagree…

8:29: …Obama doesn’t disagree! No, wait, he does. He wouldn’t assassinate most people, but he would drop some bombs into Osama’s batcave.