Roaming Data Charges

Within NZ my Vodafone data card is invaluable.  Around $40 a month for 1 GB of data, it saves me a lot of money as without I’d be paying $35 a night to the hotel for Internet access.

But overseas it is a very different case.  Suddenly your cost per MB goes from 4c to $30.  Yes $30.  There is a story in Computerworld about Whale Oil being hit with a $7,000+ plus bill for roaming in Australia.  I’m quoted also.

Vodafone say that can put in a warning system as they only get informed of the overseas charges at the end of each billing month.  I don’t accept that.  Firstly they could set up a system where they do exchange data more often.  Secondly they could modify the software on their mobile connect package so the package itself alerts you.

Yes people should look up and be aware of the fine print about the cost when overseas.  But you know if whenever the mobile connect package connected to an overseas network, it flashed an alert box warning your data rate is now $30 a MB (or $10 if still Vodafone) then people wouldn’t be caught unawares.