Australian Election Party

There’s an Australian Election Party in Auckland at Thomas Forde’s bar, 122 Anzac Avenue., starting at 6 pm on Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 6:00pm

“Come and join hundreds of others at Thomas Forde’s Australian Bar (for one day only). Dress up as your favourite Australian. There will be prizes for the best dressed. Thongs, singlets and akubras allowed.

This event is open to people of all political hues. Even Pauline Hanson supporters!

It is guarenteed to be a night of high tension, unbearable excitement, drinking and out of tune renditions of waltzing matilda.

For one night only Thomas Forde’s Irish bar becomes Australian and welcomes anyone interested in following the election of the year.”

Talking of the election, I’d say any chance of the Government hanging on (and there was a small chance as Labor were not doing as well in some marginals as they are nationally) died today after the revelation of a bogus pamphlet being distributed in a marginal seat claiming that Labor supported the Bali bombers.

This was both despicable and moronic.  And while the hierarchy of the party would never have endorsed such a stunt, the fact the husbands of an (retiring) MP and a  candidate were involved, means that they will be damned for it.

The people involved should be prosecuted,and further they should be given brain transplants.  Did they really think that it would work, let alone that it would not be traced back to them?

For those interested, the pamphlet is here. It really is a nasty bigoted smear.

I was thinking Labor would win 20 seats or so.  It may be a whole lot more now.

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