A rare poll from Saudi Arabia

A rare poll has been done in Saudi Arabia. Results are mixed.

Opinion of:
Iranians – 51% favourable to 40% unfavourable
Jews – 6% favourable to 88% unfavourable
Christians – 39% favourable to 54% unfavourable

If Iran develops nuclear weapons and does not respond to diplomacy:
Favor US Accepting A Nuclear Armed Iran 27%
Favor US and Other Countries Taking Military Action to Prevent Nuclear Armed Iran 38%

Israel and Palestine:
favor a peace treaty recognizing the State of Israel, if an independent Palestinian state is established 30%
favor all Arabs continuing to fight until there is no State of Israel in the Middle East 51%

Saudi Nuclear Arms
Favour 52%
Oppose 31%

The response on the Israel question are probably the most disappointing.  The signal it sends to Israel is that it has nothing to gain from giving up territory and allowing an independent Palestine because the true aim of many will still be to wipe them out.  Now this is not to say that Israel shouldn’t still do this, but it’s hardly an incentive.

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