Where’s our $157,000 Winston?

December 2nd, 2007 at 11:06 am by David Farrar

In October it was reported:

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has announced that the party will repay $157,000 of taxpayer funds it was found to have misspent at the last election.

Mr Peters made the announcement at the start of the party’s annual convention in Taupo this morning.

He said the transfer of funds to Parliament’s coffers would be made in November when party term deposits rolled over.

Well November is over so where is it? I mean it was bad enough that we’ve had to wait this long just so NZ First can continue to make money from it, rather than break a term deposit.  If there even was a term deposit, that is.

Winston has announced he is going to stand in Tauranga.  I hope lots of people will remind him and voters of the two years it took him to repay taxpayers money.  Also of his support for the Electoral Finance Bill.

Incidentally IRD interest rates are 14.24% for money owing.  If that was applied to NZ First for the 2 years 3 three months since they incurred the illegal expenditure, they would owe $50,302 in interest on top of the $157,000.

2 Responses to “Where’s our $157,000 Winston?”

  1. Paul (995 comments) says:

    What’s the latest with the GST National?

    Was the govt paid it’s legally owed money?
    Were the companies out of pocket recompensed?

    GST and Copyright. What will be next in National Party cock-ups?

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  2. dad4justice (7,682 comments) says:

    Here is concerned of Linwood living in Canada rocking into town on his donkey . Hi Paul = hows broken arse mountain ?

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