Dunne compares Clark to Clinton and Key to Obama

Peter Dunne, one of Helen Clark’s Ministers, has compared Clark to Hillary Clinton and Key to Obama.

The Key-Obama theory is fascinating.  How are they alike, apart from the polls?

  1. Both had a parent born in another country
  2. Both are in their 40s
  3. The little known fact that Key’s full name is John Hussein Key
  4. Obama beat Alan Keyes to win his Senate seat, Key beat Brian Neeson win his.
  5. Both were helped into power by a Michelle – Michelle Obama and Michelle Boag
  6. Obama and Key have both lived in New York
  7. Both have campaigned against electoral fraud
  8. Both have two children
  9. John Key has served on a advisory board to the US Federal Reserve, and Obama if he wins will appoint the Fed Chairman
  10. John Key is actually very good at dancing

So I think Peter Dunne is onto something here.  I am surprised more media have not picked up the similarities.

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