Is this New Zealand?

The SST reports on the new law for the Rugby World Cup:

Officials will be allowed to enter private land and buildings if they are clearly visible from a clean zone.

Government enforcement officers can obtain search warrants to enter private property during clean periods and seize or cover up offending advertising. Police or enforcement officers accompanied by police officers can use any force that is “reasonable in the circumstances” to gain entry or break open any article.

Individuals wearing a rival company’s logo or slogan on clothes or shoes would not be prosecuted if they acted alone, although they could be if they acted in co-ordination with other people and intended to get the attention of event-goers.

An Economic Development Ministry spokesperson said it was likely groups wearing clothes advertising a rival company would be asked to leave a clean zone although they could be told to remove their clothing if they refused.

Good God, and I think both National and Labour voted for this law. So if you are sitting in your balcony on your Tui couch with your DB shirt or hat on, government officials will be able to break into your house, forcibly undress you and seize your clothes and probably your couch also.

I think a degree of overkill has happened.

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