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Some quotes from Hansard relating to yesterday’s question time in the House:

Hon : Is the Minister aware of the email that shows that chief executive instructed staff to send draft tender documents to Mr Hausmann—who had indicated he would be a bidder—some weeks before the tender process opened, and before any other bidder saw the documents; and is this acceptable behaviour?

Surely this is a joke. No CEO would have draft tender documents sent weeks early to a potential bidder, and even more so if they are on your Board.

Hon Tony Ryall: Is he aware of this email that shows that Mr Hausmann, appointed by the Labour Government, having received this confidential draft tender document, proposed changes that would benefit his company, and is that what he would expect of someone being appointed to the board of that very district health board?

If I got inside information on a government tender, I wouldn’t suggest changes to it. I’d delete it unread.

Hon Tony Ryall: Is he aware from this email that the chief executive agreed to alter the tender documents in precisely the terms proposed by Mr Hausmann, at a time when no other bidder had such access, and is that a proper and ethical process?

Now Tony must be kidding again. Surely no CEO would actually let the party planning to put in a bid for the tender, rewrite the tender document to better suit them.

Hon Tony Ryall: Is he aware that the final document that went out to all tenderers incorporated the changes proposed by Mr Hausmann, whose company was the eventual successful party, and does he think that all potential bidders were fairly treated equally in this process?

Maybe he isn’t kidding.

Hon Tony Ryall: I seek leave to table the emails and documents mentioned in my questions.

Leave granted.

Well if the e-mails have been tabled, I guess we can judge for ourselves if Tony was just making this up or these e-mails do actually show what is claimed.

But wait that isn’t all. In the next question, we learn that these harmless e-mails (move on move on nothing to see here – read the official report when we are happy with it) may not quite have been voluntarily handed over the the inquiry team:

Hon Tony Ryall: Is the Minister aware that the material revealing secret emails between Hausmann and the executive, in which Hausmann changed the tender documents to his advantage, was withheld from the inquiry by both parties and came to light only after independent forensic analysis in London of the back-up tapes; and what does that say about the balance of truth in this inquiry?

Now this must be incorrect. Surely a DHB with obligations under the Official Information Act wouldn’t simply delete embarrassing e-mails.

Hon Tony Ryall: Would the Minister have confidence in the chief executive of the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board if it was confirmed to him that this information was withheld and came to light only because of specialised forensic analysis in Britain of the back-up tapes, which were mysteriously damaged?

The back-up tapes were damaged? What an unfortunate coincidence. Please do not connect the dots. The dots have nothing to do with each other.

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