Labour Party Conference Protests

The fire alarm which went off just as Helen Clark was about to speak has turned out to be a genuine fire alarm, not something done by the protesters. In that case it was bloody unfortunate timing, as it forced all the delegates and MPs onto the street where the protesters heckled them.

The protesters were the normal suspects complaining about the Urewera arrests, snails, mines etc.

Earlier in the day and a dozen or so supporters handed our pamphlets highlighting the defects of the .  They got radio coverage most of the morning.

I wasn’t there, but was interesting to hear from someone who was, the different reaction to the protest from two MPs who got promoted to Cabinet in the last reshuffle. One of the new Cabinet Ministers had a discussion over the human rights issues around the EFA, which was respectful and courteous and went on for around five minutes or so. Another of the new Cabinet Ministers ripped up the pamphlet in front of the EFA protesters.

I won’t say who was who, but found it an interesting contrast.

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