I have to admit I don’t get cold a lot. Ever since I lived in Dunedin, my internal thermostat is set to defrost and I will happily be at home in shorts and t-shirts even if it is only 10 degrees.

The only time I think I was truly truly freezing was when I was in Canada in winter for six weeks and it was minus thirty degrees. My God, that was miserable. You could not go even 50 metres down the road without full ski gear on.

Anyway I complained on Saturday about the travelling companion turning the thermostat in the room up to 32 degrees.  That was bad enough, but driving back to Auckland on Saturday (which was a lovely warm day) I suddenly noticed the air conditioning in the car had somehow moved from a nice pleasant 18 degrees to 30 degrees. My God, who actually wants 30 degree hot air blowing on you, on a sunny day!

I note in the SST that the WHO “recommends of at least 21C in living areas and 18C in other rooms”. That’s a long way off 30 degrees!

What temperatures do others find comfortable when indoors?

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