Bridges wins Tauranga nomination

June 13th, 2008 at 9:33 pm by David Farrar

Congratulations to who won a four way contest tonight to be ’s candidate for . He won on the first ballot which is a good sign of the respect he holds.

Simon will be an excellent candidate, and work hard for Tauranga.

3 Responses to “Bridges wins Tauranga nomination”

  1. tim barclay (611 comments) says:

    I am delighted with this, Simon has a big future. Peters if he stands will test all of Simon’s political skills, but there is no harm in that, I am sure Simon will meet the challenge. Peters is an open book, his political tricks are fairly obvious, and Simon will not be intimidated by Peters having spent his career in the rough house of the criminal courts for the Crown Solicitor.

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  2. Lee C (2,993 comments) says:

    Early indications are good. Already he has stated he will not be getting involved in name calling and personality politics. Without naming anyone specifically or calling them tossers.
    This alone will anger some politicians (who shall remain nameless) who enjoy reducing political debate to a name-calling session.
    So like I say – early indications are good, just keep it up mate.

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  3. Bob (466 comments) says:

    I am just concerned that Bridges who is unknown in Tauranga outside of his own circle will have difficulty overcoming Peter’s nationwide profile. Frankly if Bridges wins it will be on a swing to National not to Bridges personally. That in no way denigrates Bridges just that he is a newcomer. Clarkson at least is well known for his contributions to the city over many years.

    Having said that I don’t like Peters and hope he is thrown out of national politics.

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