Labour crushed in by-election

has been Prime Minister of the UK for a year today, and to celebrate his party came 5th in the Henley by-election to replace Boris Johnson.

It was bad enough the previous by-election when a 7,000 majority turned into a 7,000 loss but this is unprecedented. The parties scored:

  1. Conservatives 57.0%
  2. Lib Dems 27.9%
  3. Greens 3.8%
  4. BNP 3.6%
  5. Labour 3.1%
  6. UKIP 2.4%
  7. Monster Raving Loony Party 0.7%

Gordon Brown’s day as PM are numbered when the facsists get more votes than the Government. At least he beat the Monster Raving Loony Party!

was at the IDU Conference in Paris yesterday and he really looks and acts Prime Ministerial. He may only be Opposition Leader but to some degree he dominated the meeting despite there being eight actual Prime Ministers there. The UK Prime Ministership may not be the US Presidency, but it is still one of the “big dogs”.

We had a chat about NZ and UK polls (which are quite similiar).  He remarked that he would be a lot happier if his election had to be held by November 2008 rather than May 2010. I have to agree – a three year term might be too short but a five year term is frustratingly long. Mind you I am not sure Gordon Brown will even last to the end of it.

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