Don’t some people have better things to do with their time?

The Press Council has rejected a complaint about the NZ Herald regarding the term “puzzle mania”:

The has not upheld a complaint by regarding the use of the word mania in a billboard publicising the feature insert Puzzle Mania in the Herald of May 19.

The billboard read Inside today Puzzle Mania.

Mr Wright advised he was a barrister who did a lot of work in the mental health area in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

He had seen first-hand the horrific and gut-wrenching effects caused by mania, hypermania and depression.

He took grave exception to the Herald’s use of both the word and a psychiatric condition to sell newspapers.

He thought the Herald should apologise to all mental health sufferers and consumers and be forced to make a significant donation to a trust of which he was an adviser.

Really some people are far far too sensitive.

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