My final full day in was spent in Versailles. is the former capital of France and home to the Château de Versailles, former home of the French Kings.

The Palace is magnificent, with features such as the Hall of Mirrors. It is a match for anything in the UK. But the true jewel is the Gardens. The Gardens are 800 hectares in size with over 200,000 trees. I could have spent days and days there. There are 50 fountains and 23 hectares of water in the main canal.

This is at the top of the gardens. You need a full day to properly get around the gardens as there are scores of things to see. You can also hire a bike or even a boat to get around!

German Girl next to an angelic statue.

This is a section of the grounds at the far end from the palace where Marie Antionette used to live in the Petit Trianon. It’s been restored as a wonderfully tranquil hamlet. Probably the most beautiful part of the Gardens.

Fish galore. You could probably jump in and grab a dozen!

A garden at the back of the hamlet.

They also had a small farm there with goats, pigs, roosters, and of course donkeys!

The back of the palace.

It really is a wonderful place. Anyone visiting France should look around it.

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