And don’t forget the Spencer Trust

The Herald reminds us:

Mr Peters said he was aware in May that the party had sought “legal advice” before deciding not to declare the $80,000 donation from the trust.

“I said you must go ahead on the legal advice that you’ve got, this is not a matter for the party parliamentary organisation, it is a matter for the organisation itself, and that is what happened,” Mr Peters told Radio New Zealand yesterday.

This is the same organisation whose President, Secretary and Treasurer have never heard of the ?

Despite being asked, Mr Peters has never said when he became aware of the Spencer Trust. On July 29, he told a press conference that he had no knowledge of what the trust was used for.

The Herald has learned from informed sources that Mr Peters knew about the trust, how much money was kept in it at certain times, and that he directed staff to get it to pay party expenses.

So Winston says it was a matter for the organisation, and he had no knowledge of what the trust was used for. No knowledge that is, except what its bank balance was and what bills to get it to pay.

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