I love Snapper

Have been using my card for a few weeks now and I have to say I love it. Not every bus is accepting it yet but most of them are, and it really is easy – just swipe on and off.

What I really like is one can login to the Snapper website and see your transactions and account balance. You can also top the card up online wih the right interface. And it emails or texts you when your balance is low.

The 25% on bus fares is good, but could be better. In London for zone one you pay 1.50 pounds using the Oyster card on the tube and 4.00 pounds if cash. On a bus it is 90p vs 2.000 pounds. If you really want customers to start using Snapper, you need that sort of margin. Oyster also has a daily price cap over all forms of .

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