Russell Brown on Peters

Russell Brown is not too happy with on Peters:

The failure of the Labour members of the to find with the multi-party majority that Winston Peters had provided “false or misleading information on a return of pecuniary interests” was pathetic, and they know it.

And later on:

I hold no brief for Peters, and I suspect there will be worse to come on his and his party’s affairs. I think ’s comparison of the privileges committee’s action to a lynching (he even has a picture of a man being lynched on his blog) is revolting.

There is an interesting split occurring on the left. There are those who are disgusted with Labour and willing to say so. And there are those who are hugging Winston closer and closer and trying to turn him into a martyr and a hero.

Russell of course also has a go at , linking to the editorial in today’s Herald about him. I have previously blogged my criticism of the Tranzrail responses, along with my relief that unlike Peters and Clark who never admit they do anything wrong, Key did admit his mistakes.

I have said for some time that this election is ’s, unless they stuff up. This is not an impossibility, to put it mildly. It would be an incredible shame if they do stuff up, and we get a fourth term of Clark and Peters. They say we get the Government we deserve but seriously we’re not that bad are we?

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