Further Kapiti interviews – Scott, McCaffrey, Collins and Pagani

October 7th, 2008 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Peter and Mike we did inside the , with two cameras. Sadly this means you get to see a bit of me, as well as the candidates. Big kudos to Cameron for providing the gear and getting them trimmed and put onto You Tube.

A reminder the questions were:

1. What is the biggest issue for the voters of your electorate?
2. When did you first stand for election of any sort – was it at school?
3. McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden?
4. What will you do with the tax cuts you just got?
5. Goff or Cunliffe?

was our first interview. He cited the economy as the biggest issue. For the question about whether he ever stood for election at school, I checked that Peter had in fact left school 🙂

Peter went for McCain/Palin. He was doubtful about McCain until Palin came along, but agrees with her on economic issues. Peter is not working at the moment so sadly gets no tax cuts. And in the final question he goes for Goff.

was next up. He agrees that the economy is the biggest issue – even more than law and order. On the US bailout he says it is good in the short term but in the long term may lead to more risky behaviour if people think the Government will bail them out.

Mike stood for VUWSA President a few years ago, and says he was lucky to be the only person on his ticket not to get elected. He also plugs for McCain on the basis of his free trade policies and support for NZ getting a real free trade deal.

His tax cuts are good for a dozen beer he reckons and like Peter opts for Goff.

Third up is , NZ First candidate for . He says the biggest issue for voters is to keep Winston and NZ First in Parliament and not leave it to the two big parties.

On the US front he has problems with both candidates for supporting the bailout but finally says “Not McCain”. David’s tax cuts are less than a $1 so he said no big change to his lifestyle. And on Cunliffe vs Goff, he says stay with Helen.

The final interview from the trip is from Jim Anderton’s Progressives. Josie explains she was happy to have Pagani as her surname as her maiden name of Harbutt saw her called “Hard Butt” all through school 🙂

Josie picks transport as the biggest issue for Otaki voters, and also health. She says she has been unable to get a GP since returning from overseas. Josie also relates how she campaigned at university for a student exec position and finished with “Vote for me, I am more left wing than him” and it worked as she got elected. I suggested it could become the Progressive’s campaign slogan.

Josie surprised no one by going for Obama/Biden. Respects Sarah Palin as a working mum, but she does not have the experience to be VP. Her plans for her tax cuts involve a new pair of shoes, and she said not to tell her husband John. Whoops.

Big thanks to all the candidates for taking part. As you can see we’re not exactly doing hard news, but we do think it is nice to allow voters to see a bit more of their candidates, and give them some opportunities to talk issues. Most of it, we’re enjoying doing it. When you are not getting paid to do something, you only do it if it is fun.

3 Responses to “Further Kapiti interviews – Scott, McCaffrey, Collins and Pagani”

  1. Redbaiter (12,012 comments) says:

    Terrific stuff. Why tho do some of these rubes keep repeating the mainstream media doctrine that Palin, Governor of Alaska, business woman and mother, lacks “experience” at the same time as they support the Obama/ Biden ticket, a couple of career bureaucrats (how many scores of times did Obama vote “present”) with no real world experience and nothing to their names other than the reckless spending of other people’s money.

    Maybe there’s a rational reason somewhere for voting for Obama/Biden, but it damn sure ain’t Sarah Palin’s perceived “lack of experience”. Whenever I read that, I immediately write the politician off as an out of touch uninformed mainstream media driven political troglodyte. A know nothing, and therefore no one who should be elected to public office.

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  2. GPT1 (2,155 comments) says:

    Well said RB. Impressive effort that a ticket leading with a first term Senator (a man who had a speech in 2004 to paraphrase Clinton) can get away with accusing Palin, second on the ticket, as having lack of experience.

    I note that even David Scott treats NZ First and Winston as interchangable. Not quite sure that keeping Winston/NZ First in parliament is the most burning issue for the people of Otaki. Not sure he even knew there was a US election on. Who are the seven NZ First MPs? Winston, Ron Marks, Peter Brown, Brian Donnelly, Dail Jones and???

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  3. peteremcc (325 comments) says:

    Pita Paraone and Barbara Stewart.

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