Herald on Jones

The Herald reports:

Documents show former Cabinet minister was told a Chinese businessman was under criminal investigation for alleged identity fraud at the time Mr Jones approved his citizenship application.

Mr Jones approved ’s application in August against the strong advice of officials. Mr Liu has donated money to Labour and National in the past and received letters of support from MPs of both parties.

Papers released to journalist Ian Wishart under the Official Information Act show the extent of officials’ concerns in their recommendation to Mr Jones.

In his weekly newspaper TGIF, Wishart quotes parts of the report which show Mr Jones was told Mr Liu was under criminal investigation by Immigration’s fraud unit over allegations he had used a false identity, including obtaining two false passports.

Under another name, he was also subject to an Interpol “red notice” for a warrant of arrest in China for alleged serious financial fraud.

The report advised against accepting the application, saying “it is considered that Mr Liu does not meet the good character requirement” to be eligible for citizenship.

The first question is a simple one. Why did Shane Jones ignore all this information, and grant citizenship against the advice of officials?

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