Labour’s full line up

Here is the full list:

  1. Leader, SIS
  2. Annette King Deputy Leader, Social Development
  3. David Cunliffe Finance
  4. Ruth Dyson Health
  5. Parekura Horomia Maori Affairs, Fisheries
  6. Clayton Cosgrove Law & Order (incl Police & Corrections), SOEs, Assoc. Finance
  7. Chris Carter Education (overall – compulsory), Ethnic Affairs
  8. Nanaia Mahuta Environment, Tourism, Assoc. Maori Affairs
  9. Maryan Street Trade, Tertiary Education
  10. Darren Hughes Senior Whip, Transport
  11. David Parker A-G, Electoral Reform, ACC, Assoc. Finance
  12. Shane Jones Local Government, Building & Construction, Infrastructure
  13. Trevor Mallard , Economic Development, Sports & Recreation
  14. Lianne Dalziel Justice, Commerce
  15. Charles Chauvel Climate Change, Energy, Assoc. Commerce
  16. Pete Hodgson Immigration, Defence
    Helen Clark Foreign Affairs, Arts, Culture & Heritage
    Michael Cullen Shadow Leader of the House, Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
  17. Winnie Laban Pacific Island Affairs, Assoc. Health (Aged Care), Assoc. Economic Development
  18. Moana Mackey Rural Affairs, Research & Development, Science & Technology
  19. Steve Chadwick Junior Whip, Conservation
  20. Sue Moroney Women’s Affairs, Education – ECE
  21. Rick Barker Courts, Veterans Affairs
  22. Ross Robertson Small Business, Senior Citizens, Racing, Assoc. Disarmament & Arms Control
  23. George Hawkins Housing
  24. Mita Ririnui Forestry, Assoc. Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Assoc. Agriculture
  25. Lynne Pillay Disability Issues, Assoc. Justice – Victims Rights
  26. Ashraf Choudhary Food Safety, Agricultural Science, Assoc. Ethnic Affairs
  27. Darien Fenton Transport Safety, Assoc. Labour
  28. Su’a William Sio Customs, Assoc. Pacific Island Affairs, Assoc. Local Government
    New members, alphabetical order
  29. Jacinda Ardern Youth Affairs, Assoc. Justice – Youth Justice
  30. Carol Beaumont Consumer Affairs, Assoc. Labour
  31. Brendon Burns Broadcasting, Assoc. Environment – Water Quality
  32. Clare Curran Communications & IT
  33. Kelvin Davis Biosecurity, Assoc. Education
  34. Chris Hipkins Internal Affairs, Assoc. Energy
  35. Raymond Huo Law Commission, Statistics, Assoc. Ethnic Affairs
  36. Iain Lees-Galloway Land Information, Assoc. Defence, Assoc. Health – Drugs & Alcohol
  37. Stuart Nash Revenue, Assoc. Trade, Assoc. Forestry
  38. Rajen Prasad Voluntary & Community Sector, Assoc. Ethnic Affairs, Assoc. Social Development – Family & CYF
  39. Grant Robertson State Services, Assoc. Arts, Culture & Heritage, Assoc. Foreign Affairs
  40. Carmel Sepuloni Civil Defence, Assoc. Tertiary Education, Assoc. Social Development
  41. Phil Twyford Disarmament & Arms Control, Auckland Issues, Assoc. Foreign Affairs – Development Assistance
    Progressive Leader Jim Anderton – Agriculture

Some comments:

  • Already commented on most of the front bench. But have to say Maryan Street seems an odd choice for trade as she has no background there and is from the left which can be anti free trade. However maybe Goff gave it to her on purpose as an area she can’t do much in.
  • Shane Jones in Local Government looks good. He will enjoy taking on Rodney but also may agree with Rodney on some issues around keeping rates down. If Jones and Rodney can agree on future for Auckland once Commission reports that will be a good thing.
  • Mallard in Labour keeps the unions happy and he will fight against anything that weakens them. Also good choice to go against Brownlee in Economic Development
  • Dalziel is safe in Justice and Commerce but won’t find much to do.
  • Chauvel is politically astute (except when announcing his own promotions) and giving him climate change gives him a real opportunity to shine as National’s suspension of the ETS is one of the few areas Labour can score runs about early on
  • Hodgson in Immigration & Defence suggests this is his last term.
  • All the existing MPs who did not make – nos 21 to 28 are expendable and will be pressured to retire this term.
  • Giving Jacinda Ardern Youth Justice as well as Youth Affairs is a good move. Ardern will be front bench one day and is alreadt a capable politician. Youth Affairs by itself would not have been challenging.
  • Former CTU boss Carol Beaumont gets Associate Labour. No surprise.
  • Burns media background makes broadcasting a good fit.
  • A bit disappointing that Comms/IT has gone from one of the most important portfolios to so far down the list, but Clare Curran should prove a quick learner in the area, and I expect she will be in Cabinet when Labour make it back.
  • Stuart Nash gets one of the bigger portfolios for newbies – Revenue. An opportunity for him.
  • Grant Robertson also gets a very big portfolio – State Services. Sensible choice for the Wellington Central MP. Expect to see him in the Shadow Cabinet soon. He also looks to take Arts, Culture and Heritage when H1 goes. Again will help him keep his seat.

Goddff has done pretty good job overall, if a bit uninspiring. He could have put one or two of the newcomers straight into the Shadow Cabinet.

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