Labour’s lineup

Have not seen the full list yet, so this is off reports:

Front Bench

  • Phil Goff, Leader
  • Annette King, Deputy, Social Development
  • David Cunliffe, Finance
  • Chris Carter, Education
  • Parekura Horomia, Maori Affairs
  • Ruth Dyson, Health
  • Clayton Cosgrove, Law & Order, SOEs
  • Nanaia Mahuta, environment, tourism
  • Maryan Street, trade, tertiary education
  • Darren Hughes, senior whip, transport

Other Shadow Cabinet

  • Charles Chauvel, climate change, energy
  • Moana Mackey, rural affairs, research & development
  • Sue Moroney, early childhood education
  • Winnie Laban, Pacific Island Affairs

I’ve previously said I think Cunliffe is an excellent choice for Finance. Putting Annette King as their big gun against Paula Bennett shows they are determined to target Bennett.

Cosgrove for law & order is sensible – they need a right winger on that issue.

Can’t see why Nanaia Mahuta has gone to the front bench. Shane Jones would be a stronger Minister but I guess he has rubbed too many people up the wrong way.

Dyson knows Health well. Carter was the incumbent Education Minister. I don’t think he shone there really (and I do respect his abilities) so a bit surprised they did not make a change.

Chauvel vs Brownlee could be fun to watch.

Moana Mackey has been a hard worker, so sensible promotion for her. The portfolios look pretty light though.

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