Dunne call for copyright law to be discarded

Very pleaed to see Peter Dunne come out and call on the Government to discard the new law – or at least S92A. The Herald reports:

The section will see people’s internet connections “cut on unproven accusations of piracy”, Mr Dunne said today.

“All of us who brought in this Act last year believed we were protecting artists from piracy and illegal downloads.

“However, it is now clear that we have a situation where internet users are vulnerable to the mere accusation of piracy, and that is simply neither fair nor just.”

The Government should defer the section’s implementation for three to six months with a view to discarding it, Mr Dunne said.

They should indeeed do this. The TCF is trying to get conensus on a code of practice to try and make a pretty unworkable law workable. But some of the rights holders groups are insisting that they want the power to be prosecutor, judge and jury and decide who has infringed and have the power to instruct an ISP to terminate a customer.

Congrats to Peter for speaking out on this law. As I joked yesterday, you know a law is in trouble when Peter condemns it, after having earlier voted for it 🙂

Off memory every party but the Green Party voted for this law. The Greens do get some things right!

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