1000 free hours for jobs

Hazel Phillips covers the neat initiative by DraftFCB:

DraftFCB is doing its bit for the recession by creating a concept called the 1000 Hours Fund – at an estimated cost of $200,000.

The agency ran a full-page ad in today’s New Zealand Herald to announce its offering.

The project came about after staff heard ideas generated at last week’s job summit, which prompted them into action. Notably, PM John Key’s exhortation that each of us can do something that could save someone’s job, create a new job or help someone else find a new job as soon as possible.

The 1000 Hours Fund is a pro bono project where the agency is promising to provide 1000 hours of its services gratis to companies that could – as a result – create more for Kiwis. The idea is to free up budgets to be spent in areas other than creating a communications campaign.

What a great initiative. Like ASB Bank, it is a win-win. Good for DraftFCB’s brand, and good for companies that want to create jobs, and can use this offer.

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