Another blog story not credited

As I blogged earlier, Whale Oil broke the story of the misleading journalists in relation to inquiries over Winston’s ministerial car.

TV3 covered the story tonight, which was great. But it is regrettable they didn’t credit with the story. As far as I know, no-one else had the documents he obtained. Maybe they sourced it independently, but I know the blog post in question had been seen by them.

got Deputy Editor on camera saying it was a cover up. Godo on them for not mincing words. I do wonder why the did not publish at their time, their belief DIA misled them, let alone ask for documents under the OIA?

I enjoyed criticising DIA for the cover up. Who would have ever though a story started by Whale Oil would end up having agreeing with it 🙂

UPDATE: A TV3 staffer has confirmed with me that they did receive the DIA documents independently, and were not reliant on the blog story. Hence the issue of credit does not apply. Appreciate the update from them.

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