Cat Crossbow shooter given slap by wet bus ticket

Like the SPCA I am appalled:

The is considering appealing against the sentence of a man fined just $500 for shooting a cat with a crossbow, inflicting fatal injuries.

Peter James Cooksley, 48, pleaded guilty to wilful ill-treatment under the Animal Welfare Act after admitting that he shot the cat because it ate a chicken off his kitchen bench and sprayed urine on his stereo speaker.

Frankly I doubt the cat did either of those things, but regardless what sort of person actually uses a crossbow on a cat.

The charge admitted by Mr Cooksley carries a maximum penalty of up to three years’ jail or a fine of up to $50,000.

Judge Charles Blackie yesterday fined Mr Cooksley $500 plus court costs of $130 and prosecution and veterinary costs of $888.58 in the Manukau District Court.

$500 is a joke.

David Lloyd-Barker, general manager of the Auckland SPCA, said: “We are considering appealing against the decision. We’re disappointed considering the severity of what this animal suffered. But at the end of the day, that is what the judge decided.”

Mr Lloyd-Barker said a request for the crossbow to be destroyed was ignored, so Mr Cooksley has asked for the weapon to be returned to him.

If he ever uses the crossbow again against domestic animals, he should be sent to prison. Bad enough he got the crossbow back.

I detest animal sadists.

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