Dunne compares s92A to EFA

NZPA reports:

Calls to scrap the controversial new internet law are increasing ahead of the Government’s March 27 deadline for a decision on its future.

United Future leader , the minister of revenue, today compared it with the ill-fated Electoral Finance Act (EFA).

“The EFA arguably started out with good intentions but those became overwhelmed by the impracticalities of the legislation,” he said on Radio New Zealand.

“In the end it became a pariah, it literally brought a government down and Parliament has now repealed it. I would have thought we would have learned a lesson.”

The Government would be wise to listen to Peter Dunne. Peter has decribed his initial support for the EFA as the worst mistake he has made in politics.

With goodwill a scheme can be put in place that helps rights holders and will reduce online infringing. But s92A is not adequate and needs to be amended at a minimum.

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