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She managed to wrestle with Police after barking like a dog and swearing in front of the widow of the man her son is accussed of murdering.

So I am forced to wonder, what is the actual nature of the condition that meks her unable to work? After all, it took four police officers to subdue her, and she still manage to kick the court room doors open as they removed her.

I hope someone from /WINZ takes note, and perhaps refers her to an independent doctor for confirmation of this mystery condition that makes her permanently unable to work.

The Dom Post reports today:

Mrs Stevens, 43, confirmed yesterday that she had been contacted by the Social Development Ministry and asked to make an appointment with an accredited doctor to prove she was eligible for a benefit.

She had spent years in an abusive relationship and suffered from arthritis, weak bones and emotional difficulties, she said.

She saw a Hastings doctor yesterday. “I don’t care what people think. It’s emotional and physical. That’s all I’m going to say.”

She would not say how long she had been a beneficiary.

Very impressive that she managed to wrestle four police officers despite her arthritis and weak bones.

Good to see MSD doing the right thing and referring her to an accredited Doctor.

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