Electoral Funding Issues Seminar

There is a seminar in Wellington on Friday for those interested in issues. I encourage interested persons to attend. It is from 1 pm to 2 pm so can be done on your lunch break.

Transparency International (NZ), School of Government and the Institute of Policy Studies iInvites you to a seminar presented by Associate Professor , Faculty of Law, University of Otago on

The Regulation of Electoral Funding in New Zealand: What are the big issues?

Associate Professor Andrew Geddis teaches at the University of Otago, and has a particular research interest in the field of electoral law. He is the author of Electoral Law in New Zealand: Practice and Policy, as well as numerous articles on the regulation of election funding.

Friday 29 May 2009
1.00 – 2pm
Railway West Wing 501
RSVP to yvette.blades@vuw.ac.nz

I’ll be there.

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