Field wanted consistent stories

The Herald reports:

A Thai plasterer has told a jury she did not tell the truth to a government-ordered inquiry considering allegations against Taito Phillip Field.

Jinda Thavichit told the High Court in Auckland she did so because Field wanted their stories to the inquiry to be consistent and she wanted to help Field.

Of course he did.

Mrs Thaivichit, who had set up a Thai Labour Party branch in Mangere, had a reasonably close connection with Field, whom she and many other Thai nationals called “Big Dad”.

She made statements in a document in front of a lawyer that she had organised some painting and plastering work done by Thai workers on properties owned by Field, and that she had made payments to some of the Thai workers.

However, she told prosecutor David Johnstone today that she did not do the organising and that she did not make some of the payments which she said in the document that she had.

Mrs Thaivichit also said in the statement that Field let her stay at his property in Church St, Otahuhu because she couldn’t pay rent, when the truth was that she and her family were trying to avoid immigration authorities and Field wanted to help her.

She said she signed the document because Field asked her to, and “because I thought I would like to help Big Dad”.

Big Dad indeed. And how many other people joined Labour after Big Dad helped them out by getting his mate the Minister to waive the rules for them?

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