Poor Allan Dean

The ODT reports that A Human Rights Committee has ruled that nasty old New Zealand has breached the rights of , by not giving Dean a parole hearing three years earlier than it did. New Zealand has been instructed to offer a remedy for this breach and report back to the within 180 days on what it has done – persumably how much money Dean has been given.

So the UN has agreed with that Allan Dean’s rights have been infringed by giving him preventative detention with a ten year non parole period. So what is Allan Dean’s record:

  1. In 1959 indecently assaulted a youth in the dark
  2. In 1960 indecently assaulted a solider
  3. In 1964 indecently assaulted a 15 year old boy in a cinema
  4. In 1966 sentenced to jail and warned of preventative detention if he reoffended
  5. he then reoffended six months after being released
  6. In 1970 sentenced to eight year’s jail for three indecent assaults on boys aged under 16, and warned of preventative detention if he reoffended
  7. He then reoffended seven months after being released
  8. In 1993 sentenced to jail and warned of preventative detention if he reoffended.
  9. He reoffended three months later after being released
  10. In 1995 indecently assaulted a 13 year old boy in a cinema by fondling his crotch
  11. Admitted in 1995 that his offending was much more regular than his convictions indicated
  12. Finally given preventative detention in 1995

The ODT continues:

Mr Ellis said in a statement that the only effective remedy was compensation.

A spokesman for Justice Minister Simon Power said the committee’s report was being considered.

Yes let us give money to the paedophile, as the nice UN wants us to. And also let him out of jail to molest more children. I mean he only got three explicit warnings about preventative detention, before it was imposed. And hell the Courts rushed to judgement – they rushed to preventative detention after only 36 years of offending.

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