The cycleways get $50 million

Well it has got the money. John Key has anounced:

The Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, has today promised $50 million dollars over three years for the New Zealand Cycleway Project.

Speaking at the New Zealand Hotel Industry Conference in Auckland, Mr Key says the project, first raised at the Job Summit, will create a high quality tourism asset that will enhance New Zealand’s competitiveness as a tourism destination, provide employment, and stimulate economic development opportunities in regional economies.

“I propose to create a series of ‘Great Rides’ of New Zealand, with a long term aim of creating a network throughout the country.”

In this month’s Budget, the Ministry of Tourism will receive $50 million in operating funding to progress the Cycleway.

Well the Greens will be happy!

Oh except for the carbon footprint of the tourists flying over here to cycle. Maybe we need to have a cycleway from Australia also 🙂

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