Bruno film review

Just got back from seeing at the Embassy. I laughed throughout most of it – at times with tears, but around half a dozen in the theatre walked out after half an hour!

While it was very very funny, I would agree it is not quite as good as Borat. Borat had much more original humour, while Bruno sort of plays the same joke over and over – seeing people react to such a camp character.

There are graphic sex scenes in the movie – not a film for the squeamish. The initial sex scene with the midget was eye opening – and the first appearance of the bicycle powered dildo!

Particularly memorable scenes were:

  • Bruno with a Lebanese terrorist chieftain, talking about how Osama is so 2001, and now just looks like a dirty old man – the look in his eyes as the translation was given to him was wonderful – amazing they survived!
  • The market research focus group on Bruno’s proposed new show. Hilarious scene as they write down comments like “This is worse than cancer”
  • Telling the all black audience that he got his (black) baby for an iPod and gave it the traditional African-American name of OJ. Superb scene.
  • The psychic who summoned a spirit, and then having Bruno make out with the spirit – while the psychic looks on in horror as Bruno gives the spirit head!

This won’t be a movie for everyone, but I had a great time watching it. Still can’t believe he did not get killed or seriously assaulted during the filming.

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