Norwich North

July 27th, 2009 at 1:19 pm by David Farrar

Another month goes by, and another safe Labour seat in the UK falls to the Conservatives.

Here is how the vote changed from 2005:

  • Labour from 45% to 18% – a massive 27% decline
  • Conservative from 33% to 40% = +7%
  • Lib Dems from 16% to 14% = -2%
  • Greens from 3% to 10% = +7%
  • UKIP from 2% to 12% = +10%


It has gone from a 5,459 majority for Labour to 7,348 for Chloe Smith the new Conserative MP, who is now officialy the Baby of the House (In NZ it is Jacinda Ardern).

However the high vote for UKIP shows the Conseratives can not be complacent. But the drop from 45% to 18% for Labour spells doom.

11 Responses to “Norwich North”

  1. KiwiGreg (3,589 comments) says:

    She’s quite hot in a comfortable shoe kind of way.

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  2. hubris (213 comments) says:

    And a monobrow-plucking kind of way.

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  3. tvb (5,518 comments) says:

    Winning elections in the UK is about who can hold middle England. It seems Brown cannot do this. He has wreaked the public finances and now painful cuts are due – though Brown does not seem to want to address this. He is talking abut driving a wedge between Tory cuts and Labour investment. But with a deficit of 12.5% of GDP Brown has bankrupted the Treasury with no end in sight. Even the civil service is secretly laying plans to give the new Government a series of options for cutting spending and revenue increases. Brown is PM in name only, it is Peter Mandelson who holds the cards – incredibly.

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  4. big bruv (15,571 comments) says:

    Yep, it looks like the UK’s very own version of Neville Key is going to be the next PM.

    One can only hope that the Pom’s realise before the next election that the Torries are no more a conservative party than our government, Cameron seems to be taking lessons from Neville Key in as much as he seems determined to keep the UK as socialist as possible.

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  5. Put it away (2,883 comments) says:

    Kinda ok but not stunningly attractive

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  6. Barnsley Bill (872 comments) says:

    It is a dark time in my country of birth right now.
    A soctsman who nobody has had the chance to vote for is PM, a twice discredited conman is running the country from the house of Lords, the place is broke and spending like a sailor on shore leave and troops are dying in a foreign war with no good excuse for being there and having to borrow and pinch kit to keep going. Meanwhile their families are living in crappy damp houses while the war criminal Blair and his letter box mouthed wife are now multi millionaires form the speaking curcuit, and taxpayer funded allowances have helped them build a multi million pound property portfolio.
    Add to that the fact that Blair changed the rules to allow anybody who can get in by fair means or foul to collect full benefits the day they arrive and you have a massive refugee and illegal immigrant crisis with tens of thousands traipsing across Europe to reach Calais where the French have conveniently sited their refugee camp just a two minute stroll to the Chunnel and Ferry terminal.
    The refugee camp has a fence around it though. It is 50 centimetres high and has no guards.
    The only thing stopping what is left of the English leaving is the fact they cannot sell their overpriced houses.
    And this is the reason that the traditional labour vote in the North fled to the BNP at the recent council and Euro elections.

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  7. expat (4,089 comments) says:

    ‘the times’ had an article by some raving lefto fem person who was belittling smith with every method possible in 300 words without appearing ‘too’ partisan, it was very funny in a watching a spoilt lefto child make an arse out of themselves way.

    looks like labour are sliding right down the toilet in a slow clinging fashion.

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  8. Hurf Durf (2,860 comments) says:

    Speaking of UKIP:

    Newsnight, Look East and Radio 4 all chose to disregard UKIP and treat the Greens as the main story. Three days before the poll, the BBC’s Eastern region TV held a hustings meeting for four candidates: Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green.

    What was the result in the event? UKIP won 11.8 per cent of the vote – comfortably ahead of the Greens and remarkably close to the LibDems (or “worryingly close” as I just heard a Radio 5 Live presenter put it).

    Did our state broadcaster apologise for its mistake? No, alright, that would have been expecting too much; but was it, at least, a little abashed in its tone? Nope. It simply edited UKIP out of its coverage. On the one o’clock news, a little bar chart came up to represent the results: blue for the Conservatives, red for Labour, yellow for the LibDems and, er, green for the fifth-placed Greens. The party that had come fourth, and been just 800 votes behind the LibDems, wasn’t represented. Nor was UKIP mentioned on the contemporaneous radio news.

    Is the Barack Broadcasting Corporation going shit or bust ahead of the next election?

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  9. side show bob (3,476 comments) says:

    My sister and her partner ( a pom ) returned from England a few years ago, they reckoned it was a basket case then and heading for disaster. I’m amazed that the Europeans and now the yanks have decided to go down the socialist road, when we have places like the UK. Surely the UK example must be like a warning shot across the bows, bloody socialism is for the dogs. How stupid can people get.

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  10. backster (2,510 comments) says:

    Don’t like the colour of the blouse that girl is wearing.

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  11. Glutaemus Maximus (2,207 comments) says:

    The UK is worse than a basket case. It is the biggest official PONZI scheme in the World.

    Just watch for meltdown. They can’t afford normal pensions, let alone the “special terms pensions” garnered by the Public Sector.

    They can’t afford the benefits system without huge borrowing. Tax Revenues have collapsed, and many Corporates are leaving those shores due to illogical tax charges.

    Gurkhas finally got the rights they had fought valiantly for, despite Browns hostility to anything proper. He is much more relaxed about

    Somalians, Ethiopians, Nigerians, and other undeserving cases.

    The UK produces nothing, and will have the Olympics Fiasco as its swansong.

    By the way, legislation has just gone through allowing any Olympics Dissenters from, er protesting. Even if you put a poster up in your own House, the Police are able to access your house and take the protest down.

    Amazing. Well to be fair, the Icelandics were caught up in the same Anti-Terrorism sentiment.

    Rapists, Knifers, Druggies etc. are all to be helped. Olympics are the Holy Grail.

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