Some signs of hope within Labour

August 16th, 2009 at 10:20 am by David Farrar

The Herald reported:

“We’d only go down the private route if we thought we were going to get a more cost-effective service,” Mr English said. “So over the next 12 months or so we’ll see whether the publicly funded and run prisons can give us better management of the prisons and less escapes, if the other arrangements look like they will give us a worse service then we won’t go with them.”

’s law and order spokesman said the jury was still out on whether offered maximum value for taxpayers’ money.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this seems a less hostile tone to the private sector that usual for Labour. Cosgrove has just said the jury is out, rather than state an ideological hatred opposition to having the private sector involved. I’m hoping this is deliberate and this is progress.

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  1. Fairfacts Media (364 comments) says:

    In opposition Liarbour will need to be less doctrinaire and show some free thinking.
    Years of dogma and being on a tight leash might have been successful but it got them into a deep, deep hole, one that will take much climbing out of.
    Such a pragmatic stance worked for National, much as many of us complain of it being ‘Labour-lite.’
    As I have also noted at the Fairfacts Media Show, such pragmatism also seems more commonplace in the regions, where local Labour MPs seem inclined to show a little more independent thinking too.

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  2. Patrick Starr (3,674 comments) says:

    “I’m hoping this is deliberate and this is progress.”

    That is until the black letter from N.Y arrives in Cosgroves mailbox

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  3. peanut (112 comments) says:

    Yes, I think Clayton has just sealed his fate.

    Helen has huge influence still, and you can see that with most of Goffs comments.

    Goff is her idiotic mouthpiece, and they are so arrogant they think no one else can see it.

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  4. thedavincimode (8,131 comments) says:

    Well of course its deliberate. Just like Duckman’s comments re the exorcism verdict were deliberate. They’ve lost support and are irrelevant in the current parliament so this is the start of the process of converting themselves to NACT-lite.

    They’ve ceased to be perceived to be relevant by Maori who are only now prepared to admit that for years were the Liarbore handbags and arsewipes Maori can now afford to disown them because the new giveament has engaged with them on a basis of respect and partnership. For heaven’s sake, why else would Duckboy have put the boot in on the verdict? They’ve given up on recapture of those hearts and minds and they are focusing on re-capturing non-Maori ground.

    They’ve made no progress in the polls from their tantrums about privatisation or PPPs. So Plughead’s comments are just another initiative on a different part of the front that signals the start of a tactical retreat.

    And I despair at comments commending them for this. I mean Adolf, complimenting Duckie!! Adolf of all people! How could you be taken in by this??

    No-one should lose sight of the fact that those creeps are the biggest and most evil bunch of pricks that we’ve ever seen running this country. They completely fucked this country on a number of fronts within the space of half a generation and it will take more than a generation to just undo the damage they caused.

    Are those that support Duckman’s comments, or see some signs of hope in Plugman’s comments, so utterly stupid that they will forget what those pricks did? You will see a progressive distancing from Klerk and Kullen. But don’t be so naïve and downright stupid to be taken in by it. Without the support of this current bunch of crims, Klerk wouldn’t have been able to do what she did. And have you also so quickly forgotten the standards of personal behaviour that we witnessed from duckboy and plughead over the period? Do you not actually look at Parliament and see what a nasty, venal bunch of deadshits they are; hissing and spitting across the floor of the house? Have those posts on question time not reminded you how arrogant they were in giveament; snorting with derision as they were permitted to completely ignore questions put to them. “I’m in charge around here” Cunners.

    Their policies, whatever they might be are irrelevant. It’s the personalities and the ideology that ought to concern you. They are counting on the people of this country being stupid enough to forget what they are actually like and how they will behave if they get back in. Given some of the pious crap I’ve seen on this blog, its seems that their battle in this regard is half over.

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  5. Whafe (652 comments) says:

    Very well put, what we cannot forget is the very short memories the vast majority of NZ’ers whom enjoy sucking on the tit have……….

    Labour know this, it is vital that the masses see and are shown constantly what the “evil bunch of pricks that we’ve ever seen running this country” are capable of as standard behavior……

    The country still can jump back to how it was in the past with ease, that is the scary part. We cant forget that the system over the last decade has created a population whom hate to think for themselves!

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  6. thedavincimode (8,131 comments) says:


    It isn’t just NZers on the public tit who have short memories. You only had to watch the gut-wrenching street interviews during the last election in order to realise just how many morons there are in this country. Like that dipshit woman who was out wheeling her dipshitlets about in Browns Bay. She seemed well enough dressed to suggest she is kept in a style to which she is now accustomed – presumably her old man earned a reasonable enough crust. When asked, couldn’t even name the (then) opposition leader. Or the others who expressed the deeply considered sentiment that “perhaps it was time for a change”. Completely oblivious to everything that Klerk and co had done.

    The problem is that fuckwits that they are, these people have votes. In the circumstances, I just despair at the facile mind-wanking about perceiving vaue in liabore apologies for the past, or these calculated changes in tactics to give up ground they’ve lost (like Maori) and focus on the fuckwits that will actually believe they are sorry and won’t do it again.

    It seems to have completely eluded most of the people that delight in Klerk’s demise that she has in fact won. She got the arse, but look how she changed the country and lowered peoples’ values. As you quite rightly point out, the country can quite easily go back to where we were heading the minute these pricks get back in.

    Rather than imploring liabore to say ‘sorry’, or congratulating them on their entirely self-serving about face on these sorts of issues, we should continue to put the boot into the pricks and continually remind people what a bunch of shameless arseholes they are.

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  7. Offshore_Kiwi (557 comments) says:

    This is all about the ratchet effect. In the decade up until late 2008 New Zealand was pulled far over to the left. Now there is a “centre-right” government in power, they are unable to introduce properly right-ist policies for fear of being seen as too extreme. That’s why they haven’t touched the middle class welfare of WFF. That’s why they haven’t slashed both “benefits” and taxes. For all the tough talk, this looks to me a lot like a left-leaning “right” government. Why? Because the shock to the electorate of a proper right-leaning right government would be too great. In 3 terms, the Dear Leader yanked New Zealand about 10 steps to the left. Sadly, it will take more than 3 terms to reverse that damage. So what do you do if you’re a leftist opposition struggling for relevance? Leave the left-leaning right government to keep hold of the leftist policies such as “welfare entitlements” for all, while you appear to not violently oppose some of the remotely right-leaning policies. That way, you ensure you look reasonable and relevant while at the same time working to ensure that there isn’t a step to the right for every previous step to the left. Does anyone reckon that in 3 terms, even if they remain as phenomenally popular as they are today, the current crop would have the gonads to introduce something as bold and “right” as the Employment Contracts Act? Or ACC privatisation? I think not. Will they dismantle WFF? Maybe but it sure doesn’t look like it at the moment.

    I mean, all plughead did was say the jury is still out on whether private prisons offer maximum value for money. Since when did value for money ever enter the equation for the socialist party? He didn’t mention anything about whether the socialist party remains ideologically opposed to private anything (they do). Is he to be the reasonable face of the “new” Labour? Certainly looks like it. But just watch the howls from the opposition benches should the government ever try and introduce any privatisation legislation. Then I suspect their true colours will come through.

    Who knows, if they do introduce any privatisation legislation, perhaps the Dear Leader will spontaneously combust. Then she won’t be able to control the party via SMS (unless, of course, Telecom has any cell stations in the fiery pits of hell) 🙂

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  8. side show bob (3,476 comments) says:

    “I’m hoping this is deliberate and this is progress”. Why David ? Bloody hell I can hardly tell the two parties apart now. I’m confused, is Liarbore trying to be like the Nats or are the Nats trying to be like Liarbore. Does anyone in this country have the nuts to be different?, that’s what I would like.

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  9. OldNews (40 comments) says:

    I hate t be trivial – but no-one will take Cosgrove seriously until he learns to dress himself. Honestly – presentation is important for an MP and the guy always looks like a gangster in those silly double-breasted suits from the Kaiapoi Op-Shop.

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