AECT Results

The left failed to win a single seat on the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust, according to the provisional results:

  1. Karen Sherry () 22,752
  2. Warren Kyd (C&R) 22,129
  3. Michael Buczkowski (C&R) 21,665
  4. James Carmichael (C&R) 21,140
  5. William Cairns (C&R) 16,793

The leftie Powerlynk ticket got votes ranging from 7,839 to 13,180 so it wasn’t even close. They actually lost the one trustee they had – Shale Chambers,

The centrist John Collinge led Just Power ticket ranged from 10,099 to 13,071 so also beat out most of the Powerlynk candidates.

There were 16 candidates, 13 of whom were standing on a ticket. Powerlynk got places 6, 8, 9, 11 and 14.

Whale Oil points out the Powerlynk team had prominent endorsements from Len Brown and Mike Lee on their pamphlets. Now of course this was not an election over the entire region, but it is a significant result all the same.

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