All about Hone

November 14th, 2009 at 5:31 pm by David Farrar

First an interview with Michelle Hewitson. I think the interview is in fact very perceptive, and worth a read.

I asked her son if only his mother was allowed to keep her shoes on. “Pretty much.” How does that work? “She can pretty much go wherever she likes.” …

Because of that surprising show of nerves – it’s not a question you ordinarily think to ask of a Harawira – I asked whether anything frightened him.

“I guess … not really. I don’t think so.” Except his mother? “Ha, ha. Yeah, I guess. She always will, I suppose. She’s my mum.”

All of the above tells you what you need to know about being raised Harawira. You can do what you want and you don’t have to take your shoes off. It’s one definition of being a rebel.

And Claire Trevett:

MP yesterday defended himself against the call for him to resign and took a thinly veiled swipe at the party’s leadership, claiming the wider party was being “dictated to” by a few individuals.

This has the potential to get very messy, especially as the MPs seem to now be communicating through the media with each other, not directly.

And Audrey Young:

Maori Party president Whatarangi Winiata’s bombshell in asking MP Hone Harawira to resign will throw it the party into unprecedented turmoil.

But Winiata and co-leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples knew that when the request was put to Harawira at a hui in Kaitaia on Thursday.

The fact that they are willing to accept the internal grief, and possibly a permanent rift with the north, shows how strongly they feel about him going.

It has been a decision reached more in sorrow than anger. And it is more an act of self-preservation than of punishment.

If it has been this difficult, they’ve done well to keep things so tight for so long.

The Maori Party represents a broad church of views, from left to conservative. It is not Harawira’s radicalism per se that is the problem but the way he expresses his views in a polarising way.

And can a leopard change his spots?

It was clear from the press conference Turia and Sharples held at Parliament yesterday that their tolerance for Harawira is an at end. The possibility of his remaining a colleague seems remote at this stage.

There can be no mistaking the message: Harawira is not a team-player and is not suited to the disciplines of a political party. The hope is that he recognises that himself.

But Harawiras don’t do humiliation, and the default position would have to be on his fighting expulsion – which in itself could be damaging to the party.

It is a battle the party’s leaders calculated is worth risking.

I hope there is a way forward, because there are some big issues to be resolved such as the Foreshore & Seabed Act, and schisms within the Maori Party will make it harder to find a solution.

7 Responses to “All about Hone”

  1. Steve (4,953 comments) says:

    Turia and Sharples:
    “Hone, if you don’t behave, we are going to smack your bum”

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  2. Johnboy (20,823 comments) says:

    Titewhai to Hone:

    “Get your shit together Sonny”.

    “I made the last PM cry all you’ve done so far is get Goofy slightly miffed”.

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  3. Johnboy (20,823 comments) says:

    Shit Oh Dear. The fact that we take it so seriously and give any credence at all to a collection of useless brown motherfuckers who have never done anything to enhance this country and have in fact done what they are best at and pulled it to the bottom of the civillised world status while we glorify their speardancing, child killing and tongue poking tells us something about ourselves as a nation. We are a joke folks!

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  4. ephemera (566 comments) says:

    @Johnboy and the others

    The only thing more abhorrent than your racism is the fact that three other humans have given you positive karma.

    Shame on you all.

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  5. reid (21,396 comments) says:

    “The only thing more abhorrent than your racism…”

    Race Relations Commissioner would disagree with you ephemera. That was free speech, you see…

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  6. Murray M (433 comments) says:

    I don’t think Hone will go quietly. Turia and Sharples will have to kill him, cook him, and eat him.

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  7. llew (1,303 comments) says:

    That was free speech, you see…

    That was Pot addressing Kettle. If Johnboy really holds those opinions, I don’t see what problem he has with Hone, they’re the same.

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