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The Government has a notice of motion on the order paper:

3. Hon GERRY BROWNLEE to move, That, pursuant to section 25(1) of the Parliamentary Service Act 2000, this House add the following premises to the parliamentary precincts:

All that part of the mezzanine level of the buildings situated at 1 and 3 The Terrace, Wellington as comprised within Certificates of Title WN41C/804 and WN41C/805, having a net lettable area of 477.2 square metres as more particularly shown on the plan attached to the lease between AMP NZ Office 1 The Terrace Limited and the Parliamentary Corporation, dated 12 August 2009.

Now all we need is an amendment that says:

And all that part of the building situated at 34 Molesworth Street, legally described as Lot 2 DP 318644, having a net area of 493 square metres.

Then MPs can go to the without it being regarded as having left the parliamentary precinct (which affects voting in the House).

UPDATE: Sadly the motion has been passed without my Backbencher update, but I can report one amusing exchange passed onto me:

As Gerry was reading it out, Darren Hughes was listening diligently. Gerry reached “having a net lettable area of 477.2 square metres ” and Darren suddenly chirped up with: ”’Aaaah – the member’s pantry.”


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