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December 11th, 2009 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

This is a great move. The Clerk of the House has commissioned a website where TV segments are viewable. So rather than have to watch entire debates, you can see individual speeches and questions.

The site in In the House. It uses blog technology such as tags, so rather than have to do keyword searches, you can just click on tags etc.

The creators think this is a world first, and it could well be. I’m very impressed.

One request I would have is that they consider adding on the ability to embed videos. They will be far more successful in having people view segments if blogs can embed the videos.

8 Responses to “Parliament TV blog”

  1. peteremcc (325 comments) says:

    Yes, fantastic, I’ve been waiting for this for ages!

    But as you say, it MUST be embedable, and ideally they would host the videos on YouTube rather than whereever it is now, so that they can be viewed directly there too.

    Also, do the videos seem very dull and grey to people?

    Compare them with this one for example:

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  2. MikeNZ (3,233 comments) says:

    good idea, then we can see who isn’t in the chamber and demerit them accordingly.
    shit we could (as every employer does) have a warning system for those who don’t show up leading to dismisssal.
    Like your idea of embed vids DPF.

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  3. MajorBloodnok (338 comments) says:

    How about linking the video content to Hansard and vice versa? Then we can search for words use, and find video of the offending MP saying those very words.

    Anything to make MPs more accountable to their employers… us! (Well, at least those of us who are nett taxpayers.)

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  4. Lipo (236 comments) says:

    Must first thoughts – What a F’ing waste of money.
    What would be the point?

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  5. democracymum (642 comments) says:

    Very impressive – will be visiting frequently.

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  6. Rex Widerstrom (5,113 comments) says:

    I’m sure someone (who knows how to rip a stream) will YouTube the really good bits so others can embed. I can’t imagine Whale, for instance, letting a bit of un-embeddedness get in the way of his repeating some Labour faux pas 😀

    It’s a seriously good idea. Well done the Clerk’s Office.

    Thank god the cameras in Parliament are fixed though. The production company hired to do the site clearly believes – judging by their explanatory video – that people’s attention spans are so short there needs to be a cut every 4 seconds between hand-held, swaying, out-of-focus and strangely angled shots.

    Tripods were invented for a reason FGS. It’s not “artistic” and it’s certainly no longer “edgy”. It’s just bloody nauseating.

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  7. jaba (2,181 comments) says:

    I wanted to comment on Andrew Little .. poor Goof had Little standing behind him in “support”. .. Owne Glenn said he wouldn’t want Clark or Cullen in the trenches with him .. well I tell ypu what, if I was Goof I would be shitting myself when Little appears.

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  8. Dave (2 comments) says:

    Hi and thanks for the link to our new site
    In answer to a few comments…
    Yes we’re going to have all video embeddable by the new year.
    Yes we will link all video into You Tube by the new year.
    The colour grade is a result of the feed we take from Parliament, but this quality is something we will constantly try to improve.
    We’ve only had the site up and running for a few months and consequently the site is still a work in progress but so far the feedback has been very positive. We always welcome any feedback we can get as the focus for in the house is to make the content as widely available and as sharable as we can possible make it.
    Heres a good piece from todays session in parliament
    Happy Xmas everyone. dave d

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