Revolution in Iran

December 28th, 2009 at 10:02 am by David Farrar

Photo from Andrew Sullivan’s blog, which also has near non stop coverage.

The resistance to dictatorship is not going to fade away.

5 Responses to “Revolution in Iran”

  1. Neil (599 comments) says:

    This regime will not last. When you have 70% of the Iranian population under 30, new technology and basically a very literate society, the dam will break.
    Was in Iran three years ago and was amazed at the friendliness of the population, especially of the younger people.
    However it is a very divided society- In Teheran in the North of the city very literate,high income people while in the south of the city the low income supporters of the Mullahs.
    Most people now know that things change rapidly, just remember the Eastern European revolutions of 1989-1990. One small chink and things will start to roll.
    If that happens, what attitude will the west take. Impose somebody like the Shah, great ambitions but culturally not savvy with his people.Extremism of the left and right doesn’t work. Sopmebody in the middle.
    The US screwed up badly in Iran during the 1970’s ignoring cultural protocols.

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  2. metcalph (1,521 comments) says:

    The US screwed up badly in Iran during the 1970’s ignoring cultural protocols.

    The US didn’t screw up badly by ignoring cultural protocols. What happened in Iran was largely a result of domestic politics. The Shah, never the wisest of rulers at the best of times, was suffering from two things – the failure of his White Revolution to the general 70s economic snafu and cancer. Nothing the Americans could do there. Ideally they might have asked him to step down and be replaced by someone with more intelligence and energy but there was a fat chance of that happening before matters became irreversibly bad. We all know that it was Jimmy Carter’s insistence on Human Rights that lead to the fatal weakening of the regime but I fail to see how this was a failure of ignoring cultural protocols and a step that should not have been taken.

    After the Revolution, what happened? Students took over the Embassy. The only cultural protocol involved there was the general sanctity of emissaries and it was the students doing the violating, not the Americans.

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  3. Pita (368 comments) says:

    No doubt the MSM will cover this with the same rigour as they did with Climategate

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  4. Crampton (225 comments) says:

    Zero price movement on the iPredict stock. Of course, that one has to resolve before New Year’s.

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  5. Neil (599 comments) says:

    Metcalph is completely wrong when he said the US unwillingness to observe Iranian norms caused no trouble.
    The USA demaded that any Americans caught in antisocial and criminal activities must be tried by a US court. That really annoyed the Iranians and their sense of sovereignty.
    Also, during the bicentennial of the American Revolution in 1776, the US put on a laser display of the US flag which covered the slopes of the Alborez Mountains,close to Teheran. Was that America ? No it is Iran.
    The influence of decadent US culture came with scenes of debauchery,according to Iranians, of strip tease and sexual intercourse, offending the Muslim nation.The US embassy wa a den of western decadence according to Muslims.
    The USA intelligence during the 1970-1979 was absolutely abyssmal, no one went outside the Shahs jet set to see how people in South Teheran saw things or rural Iran. Jimmy Carter was a disaster,as he was on other matters.
    The legitimacy of the Shah and the US is very much in doubt following the removal from power of Mossadeq during the late 1940’s.
    There’s no doubt that the USA had no idea of cultural matters in those days, anything from the US was right !!

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