Today’s Blunt

December 19th, 2009 at 2:34 pm by David Farrar


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  1. Rod (236 comments) says:

    I see a disappointed Gordon Brown now plans to go it alone to try and cobble together an international global warming treaty himself.
    In spite of the huge socioeconomic mess he has made in the UK, he is so committed to the AGW scheme you have to wonder why.
    Remember he was nominated as an MP by powerful union leader Jack Jones, who was recently revealed as a long time paid USSR spy.
    Looks to me like he may well be the biggest watermelon of them all – with motivations we can only guess at.

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  2. stephen (4,022 comments) says:

    That cartoon was so original and illuminating i could puke.

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  3. Komata (1,775 comments) says:

    Interesting cartoon, but shouldn’t the central critter (the Dolphin) be a Shark or Crocodile – neither creature being one to be trusted? That would be more in keeping with what is actually happening, although on reflection a Chameleon changing its colour from Green at its head to Red at its tail with the UN symbol in the background would seem to be far more appropriate.

    World manipulation anyone?

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  4. Hagues (711 comments) says:

    I like Christopher Moncktons description of the Greenie people as Traffic Lights… call themselves green since they are too yellow to call themselves red!

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  5. Rex Widerstrom (5,130 comments) says:

    That dolphin looks like it’s gone off. Waiter, bring me a fresh one.


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  6. Jack5 (9,494 comments) says:

    Very good cartoon. Given that so many Greens are vegetarian and a number are into wacky weed, however, I prefer the garden metaphor, the Melon Greens — green on the outside and red (or at least deep pink) on the inside.

    What has happened to the Greens lately, by the way? Hear very little of them. Could be the folk-dancing season.

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  7. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    “you can’t pin them down”:

    “We’ve finally had our battle, and it was not to his advantage

    By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 16th December 2009

    So at last we’ve had our fight, and Ian Plimer has cause to regret his challenge to me. Back in July, Plimer, who is an Australian professor of geology and a climate change denier championed by the rightwing media all over the world, challenged me to a debate in London, to be hosted by the Spectator magazine. I agreed, as long as he met a simple condition: to answer a list of questions about the claims in his book. Plimer eventually accepted this condition. My questions were straightforward: I asked him only to explain or reference the claims he made(1). Any reputable scientist would have answered them without hesitation.

    But Plimer used a series of excuses and evasions to put me off(2). Eventually I gave him a deadline. Four days before it expired, the Spectator cancelled the debate, and gave Plimer a platform to himself. It was a shocking episode, which suggested to me that neither Plimer nor the Spectator wanted to face the facts(3,4). ”

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  8. Rod (236 comments) says:

    Seems to me Monbiot and Co are irrelevant now – mere voices in the wilderness. Common sense has prevailed over noise.
    Never was there a better example of the saying: a week is a long time in politics.

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  9. ISeeRed (251 comments) says:

    Who’s this “Blunt” I keep seeing pop up on Kiwiblog with embarrassingly amateur, cringeworthy, unoriginal cartoons?

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  10. kowtow (13,437 comments) says:

    Monbiot is a lunatic. Canada ,a great Western nation ,is sitting on the solution to the West’s dependence on Arab and south American oil and the so called environmental movement can only scream …….dirty dirty dirty.Talking of Greens ,around the last general election M Turei was asked by a local rag in Dunedin about prospects for the Great South Basin she basically said “leave it there”. I reckon a vote for the Greens is tantamount to treason.

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  11. Luc Hansen (4,573 comments) says:

    Government borrowing is inter generational theft.

    Global warming is our God-given right.

    Drill baby drill!

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  12. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    Does this carton imply that anti environmentalists are blue underneath? Can we infer that John Key , Gerry Brownlie etc are only paying lip service to any concerns about climate change?

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  13. Luc Hansen (4,573 comments) says:

    Revising my post above:

    Government borrowing is inter generational theft

    Global warming is inter generational genocide

    Drown baby drown!

    And buy beachside property NOW!

    It will never be more expensive 😉

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