AP report:

Hamas has accused Israeli agents of assassinating a veteran operative of the Palestinian militant group, saying he was electrocuted last week in a Dubai hotel room.

While it is quite possible did take direct action, I do wonder why would you do it via electrocution?

Talal Nassar, an official in Hamas’ media office in Damascus, said al-Mabhouh had been “poisoned and electrocuted in his hotel room in Dubai.” He did not elaborate.

Poisoned and electrocuted? This is starting to sound like someone has real too many comics.

Al-Mabhouh’s brother, Hussein, 49, who lives in the Jebaliya refugee camp in Gaza, said his brother “died by electric shock and suffocation with a piece of cloth.”

So they electrocuted him, poisoned him and suffocated him? Would it not be easier to just have shot him!

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