Legal Aid for Tamaki

The Herald reports:

Destiny Church leader has admitted being part of a group that sought to oust his marae’s trustees.

Even if it was not Tamaki, I’m not keen on legal aid being used by plaintiffs in disputes like this.It encourages people to litigate, rather than settle.

Mr Tamaki, who said he has “a mortgage like everyone else” and is “not a multi-millionaire”, told the Herald he was representing a group of whanau members, who sought legal aid to depose his marae’s trustees at Te Kopua, near Te Awamutu. …

In October, a former financial administrator for Mr Tamaki and his wife revealed to the Weekend Herald that he received up to $500,000 a year from church donations on top of his six-figure salary.

It would be an outrage for them to get legal aid. Tamaki is one of the richest 0.1% of NZ. He should be ashmed at his attempt to bludge.

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