Liberty Scott on Labour and obesity

Liberty Scott notes this release from Ruth Dyson:

“The Government apparently thinks people will simply be able to change their diet and exercise without any assistance or form of nutrition education”

He comments:

I’m astonished. Changing your diet is impossible without the government. The carefully hidden knowledge that eating mostly vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish and cereals, and avoiding high fat and high sugar foods helps you lose weight is something that almost nobody knows surely. In addition, without the government how COULD people go to the gym, or go for a walk or swim?

Indeed. It is all the Government’s fault.

Does anything more clearly show the patronising and condescending attitude the Party, and indeed many statists have for the general public than that? The idea that without the government, people can’t look after themselves, don’t know any better and wont change.

Ms. Dyson might wonder if one of the reasons Labour became far less popular is that people are sick of being treated as imbeciles, and sick of being forced to pay for bureaucrats to hand hold people.

I am sure it was one of the reasons.

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