While on holiday …

January 22nd, 2010 at 4:30 pm by David Farrar

I’m holidaying in Mt Maunganui, but somehow ended up being a photographer at the announcement of $27 million of government funding for extensions at Tauranga Hospital.

with making the announcement in front of the DHB Chair. Tony enthused about being Minister of Health, declaring it is the best portfolio you can have in Government – a sentiment not shared by too many of his predecessors!

See that sign in the background of Simon, being interviewed by the local BOP Times reporter? Yes it does say “We love you Simon”. The (as it happens all female) staff of the pathology lab put the sign up when they realised the announcement was outdoors. Simon didn’t even see it until a reporter pointed it out to him. He of course them popped inside to thank the staff for their sign! I don’t think Simon has to worry about his majority!

And if you wonder how Tony Ryall manages to get such good press – it is because he only allows National MPs to interview him!

Actually it is not as bad as it looks. The camera man was reading out the questions from the reporter (whose voice will no doubt be dubbed in later), but they needed Simon to hold the mike and stand where the reporter normally would, so Tony looks in the right direction.

Apart from my amateur photography, just been enjoying the beach and shops up here. The weather is lovely!

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  1. Fletch (9,006 comments) says:

    That reporter in the green fluoro looks nice 🙂

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  2. Viking2 (14,364 comments) says:

    Wasn’t a bad guess was it eh?

    and this;

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  3. Viking2 (14,364 comments) says:

    Or was it this?


    Fog has started to clear at Wellington Airport, allowing planes to land again after flights were temporarily disrupted.

    One plane was diverted to Palmerston North and another 21 departures and arrivals were cancelled or delayed after thick fog set in at the airport this afternoon for the second time in a week.

    However, the fog began around 3.30pm.

    Fog also forced airlines to delay flights to and from Wellington on Sunday, including Prince William’s Air Force flight from Auckland.


    After a midweek glimpse of what summer feels like, Wellington’s long weekend will again be filled with wind and rain, the MetService is predicting.

    “The last dry weekend in Wellington was in mid-November last year,” spokesman Bob McDavitt said. “So it is no great surprise that showery southerlies are likely again.”

    The best spell of weather during the three-day anniversary weekend was likely to be on Sunday, between two southerly blasts, Mr McDavitt said. However, it would not be as bad as last weekend’s storms.

    In a severe weather alert this morning, the MetService forecast that southerly rain would move onto Wellington and south Wairarapa this evening. Heavy falls would be possibly, especially in hilly coastal areas.

    The capital basked in two days of summery weather this week, with one Paraparaumu man taken to hospital with heatstroke on Wednesday. WOW!

    But yesterday, the blustery, overcast weather was back.

    The picture was just as grim in other parts of the country yesterday, with heavy rain in Bay of Plenty (not where I live in the heartland Tauranga met service getting it wrong again!), East Coast and Taupo, and warnings of severe thunderstorms to come in much of the South Island.

    Now maybe you can see why us enlightened ex welly people moved to the land of the sun. You can also understand why pollies get bad attitudes. Too much if sticking their heads where the sun doesn’t shine. Ha

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  4. llew (1,303 comments) says:

    Izzat Bob Clarkson on the left in the top one? He’s a lot shorter than I expected.

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  5. David Farrar (1,767 comments) says:

    Nope, Bob was not there. And yes the reporter is very pleasant 🙂

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  6. austin (2 comments) says:

    Nice Coverage 😀

    DPF, if you haven’t recently – the Mine in Waihi (40 mins away) is always well worth a look from the mount

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  7. Countess (157 comments) says:

    More money being thrown at health with no reductions in waiting times or increase in patient numbers you would have said if it was a Labour party promotion.

    Lokking back it seems the upgrade plans were implemented under Labour !!

    Sounds like Ryall is just re-announcing allready promised spending. ( under Labour as the plans were underway in 2006)

    And by the looks of the construction under way before ‘bright ties ‘ showed up to get free publicity

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  8. Countess (157 comments) says:

    Question about the picture of Bridges holding the mike.
    Where was the reporter ??
    Surely if he was being interviewed ‘on camera’ the reporter would be standing where Bridges is asking the questions ?

    But the reporter is nowhere is sight! So who is really asking questions if they arent around. And when it get to air there is a voice over ‘added’ from someone who never was there.

    This is a farce.

    I know sometimes the cameraman will film the questions being asked with a shot of the interveiwees only and then re shoot the reporter asking the same questions and mix the two.
    But this clearly shows no reporter in sight.

    Also the filming is misleading by being out on the road frontage, so the viewers dont ‘see’ the work mostly underway as is shown in DPFs photos

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  9. Chthoniid (2,064 comments) says:

    Nice story- just one little tip for taking photos of people.

    Generally we try to keep the nose inside the line of the face, as it tends to be more flattering. Most people don’t look as good in a profile shot, as they do in a 3/4 view shot.

    You can see that’s what the cameraman in photo #3 is attempting with Tony Ryall.

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