Waterfront Options

The Herald reports on options:

  1. $23.9 million to remove the two 1912 cargo sheds and creating a cup village with temporary and hired structures
  2. $27.7 million involves minor refurbishment of the sheds to provide covered space for the cup
  3. $31.3 million involves significant refurbishment of the sheds with a focus on keeping one or both over the medium term
  4. $97 million has a a $49.2m budget for a cruise ship terminal, plus $15.6m for wharf repairs

A dedicated website has the four options and allows feedback.

Meanwhile the Dominion Post reports on Wellington’s RWC plans:

A village on Wellington’s waterfront – centred around a yet-to-be-built wharewaka – will become the focus of celebrations at next year’s tournament.

More than 1200 partygoers will be able to pack into the building and a marquee next door, with the city council set to rent the wharewaka, or canoe house, its staff and its facilities for the event.

It will be the focus of Rugby World Cup celebrations, costing ratepayers about $150,000 – considerably less than a $100 million plan to build a party zone in Auckland.

Sounds good to me.

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