Editorials 3 March 2010

March 3rd, 2010 at 1:01 pm by David Farrar

The NZ Herald wants the raised even further:

This is a very conservative Government. If there was any doubt about the caution of John Key’s Cabinet it has been dispelled by its decision on the driving age.

Last year its transport officials floated the possibility of raising the age from 15 to 16 or 17 with restrictions until age 18. In January the Herald canvassed its readers on the subject.

The vast majority, 80 per cent of a Nielsen survey of 2300 people, thought the age should be at least 18. A few, 6.5 per cent, thought it should be 20. The Government’s decision: 16.

Personally I am glad the Government did not raise the age to 18 because of responses to an online survey.

I’ve always said tying it to the school leaving age is sensible,

The Dom Post says is a safety net not a right

First it was Christchurch’s Harris family. Theirs is one of the homes into which the taxpayer deposits about $1000 a week in welfare benefits, and who have gained $30,000 extra in “special” benefits since 2000, because they persuaded Work and Income that they “needed” new tyres for their 2007 Chrysler saloon, and to fence a swimming pool at a property they own in the city.

Now it is , a man who cheerfully admitted last week that he was quite capable of earning, but who has chosen instead to live on the dole and rent a council flat. He was doing so, he said, so he could bring “the people’s challenge to the courts”

Benjamin will be having his say at Backbenches tonight, and of course he is also commenter here.

The Press examines South Canterbury Finance:

Since the company known today as South Canterbury Finance (SCF) made its first loan in 1926, it has grown to become one the largest finance companies in New Zealand.

Over this period it has played an important role in providing capital to businesses and individuals, especially in the South Island. Like so many other finance companies, however, SCF has struggled during the recent recession, and made a loss of $154.9 million in the second half of last year. But unlike many of these other companies, it is controlled by a millionaire in , who has the confidence and the means to produce a rescue package for SCF.

The deal announced this week is consistent with the commitment given by Hubbard last year when he said he would be prepared to use his personal wealth, which the National Business Review “rich list” put at $550m last year, to back his company. …

Hubbard is renowned not for high-living but for being a generous philanthropist and a businessman with integrity. And that integrity was visible this week in the rescue package for SCF and its 40,000 investors.

Give that man a knighthood!

The ODT is not impressed with :

International Airport chief executive John McCall has every reason to be outraged after jet flights last Thursday night were diverted to because no traffic controller was available.

Here is an essential service, supplied by the government-owned Airways Corporation, that did not deliver.

That failure not only inconvenienced 237 passengers and many of their friends and relatives, but also trashed the reputation of the airport and the city.

Diverting the passengers to Invercargill is surely cruel and inhumane punishment!

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3 Responses to “Editorials 3 March 2010”

  1. IHStewart (388 comments) says:

    Missing the Cook ?

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  2. TripeWryter (715 comments) says:

    The Timaru Herald reported on an attempted campaign last year in Timaru to have Mr Hubbard recognised with some sort of civic award.

    He graciously thanked everyone for the thought, and refused to have anything to do with it.

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  3. CharlieBrown (788 comments) says:

    When are national party supporters going to realise that national is just as nanny state, if not more than labour. What positive changes have national made. Consider the following changes or upcoming changes:
    * Compulsory tertiary training for at least 2 years for early childhood carers
    * Electoral finance act still prohibits freedom of speech, even though they campaigned against it
    * Banning flu pills
    * Increasing driving age to 16 when absolutely no stats say this will change anything apart from keep some more people of the road (they will still have their full licenses by 19 when some turn into hoons). This is a backstab to rural voters
    * All the numerous changes they were against tha labour brought in (employment relations, property relationshp etc)
    * I still havn’t heard that they are going to stop(only delayed) the compulsory changes to bread baking
    * School zoning
    * Complete abuse of farmers and householders property rights
    * Removing the defense of provocation (even though Weatherston was found guilty). Now more people will be found not guilty
    * Effectively no tax cuts after ACC rises
    * Government spending is still at freakin high levels (around 40% of GDP)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, John key is a lieing ratfaced C&nT. Now he is allowing his party to ban 16 year old drivers, this shows his red auckland colours

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